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Child Labor

Child labor is the product of poverty, overpopulation, illiteracy, inadequacy of the education system, and lack of awareness, deepening rural- urban economic divide and income inequalities. In developing countries, it is a centuries old problem, therefore it needs to be addressed with innovate and workable strategies for its long-term solution. One needs to understand that there is a clear distinction between child labor and child work. Work that interferes with a child’s schooling or is hazardous to the child’s physical and mental growth, falls in the category of child labor. But a child who goes to school and also works for a few hours in benign conditions to supplement family income is not a laborer. In the past, many child right activists in the West, who called for an outright ban against child labor in developing countries like Pakistan, were unaware of the fact that in many cases child labor is part of family based work, a sort of apprenticeship in traditional occupations and part of family’s survival strategy.  Today, we find great change in their perception about child labor. 

In the year of 2019 Bright Hope introduce a  new project for the year of 2019 – 2020 called (Mission Children’s) through this project bright hope aim to serve children’s that are under the bondage of labour. although bright hope was already working for the kiln child labour workers but now a time to work for children’s that are working or bonded in any shape of labour work.​

  • We dream of a world where every child has a voice and the ability to achieve their full potential.

  • By sponsoring a child through Bright Hope  you will help change a child’s world for the better

  • Changing children’s lives for the better

These particular pictures are for all those children, who can’t read it for themselves since they have been expunged from the basic liberty of getting educated. These children are the ones we see routinely but sadly, we never pay heed to any of these poor souls. You can join us to educate working children and save Pakistan’s future.


Support to schools and Children home that cater for the orphans, the poor and other disadvantaged groups. Financial support to poor families to provide basic needs to their children and also educate them. Support projects for the poor families and children in communities. Help in improving the environment for sustainable development. Support for the establishment of social amenities in the area.