Scholarships to Brilliant, Needy and Poor Student

Why Poor Christians Student Leave Studies in Pakistan

Justification of the Project

Christians make up one of the two largest (non-Muslim) religious minorities in Pakistan, along with Hindus. The total number of Christians in Pakistan was estimated at 4.0 million in 2020, or 2% of the population. Pakistani Christians are most deprived and ignored community in Pakistan since from the freedom in 1947 the Christians community facing a lot of problems and discrimination. Pakistani Christians families economic condition is very bad among of them families even cannot afford three times a meal in a day. Mostly professions are to clean road and dispose of garbage Christian’s women and young girls are working in houses as a maid or servant they have no vision to get education. Even the new Christian’s generation boys and girls are working in Brick line, Factories, some are working in their young ages and they are earning their living hood they have no resources and financial aid to get admission in schools and colleges

School Going Students

Some of them are going schools but at a stage their families cannot afford school need like. They cannot pay school fee. It is very difficult to buy school books, shoe, and proper uniform. Because of all these circumstance they face in going to school they decide to leave school to get rig from all these disappointment

Student going school while working

Some student go to school but they also do work as a part time in factories and in some working area so that they can afford their educational expenses but because of work pressure and job they do not perform out in school and as conclude they leave school

Project Objectives

We need more schools and financial assistance for poor families. We also need resources to help needy families send their children to college, which many cannot afford to do—let alone enabling them to pursue advanced degrees. Education is the key for every nation aiming to transform society. 

The vision is to equip young people in the Christian community to become self-sustaining by funding high performing students into post-secondary school training. 

The strategy is to give scholarships to male and female students for two year, intermediate study program in government schools. This will be in four subjects, F.A (office administration and clerks, F.Sc (science, pre-medical and pre-engineering, doctors, nurse and other related medical studies), ICS (commerce and business management) and I.Com (information technology.)