Women’s  Empowerment

Women's Empowerment Program

  • Widows and young girls Project

First Phase

Providing minimun needs like food,healath,sanitation,

Second Phase

  • Skilled Development Project

  • Self employment and self help groups

  • Empowerment of Women Through

  • Employment

Project Over View

Bright Hope is working for Persecuted, Violated , Poorest women in Pakistan .I want share with you more about our work for women in Pakistan In the present age of lack of resources, inflation, economic depletion, any individual and more so a woman cannot survive a dependent. A home cannot be run without creating income resources and keep on increasing these. A woman without a skill cannot be a good tool to contribute to any field of life and can never be an earning hand. In case of widows, separation, by birth and accidental disability, women go totally alienated and some even opt for beggary or look up to the charity of relatives. In such cases the need for empowerment goes more intense for sustenance. Realities of life are a challenge and this challenge has to be met with positive courage and that is to go empowered in all conditions and circumstances. Bright hope mission is to empowering women in all field of life

Project Detail

Bright Hope widows support and women’s empowerment program supporting those widows and women’s who have no skill or enough education to get some job or to do some work. Empowerment of women is not restricted to any specific class or group of women. Empowerment is the requirement of all women equally to avoid redundancy.Widows and young girls support project have two phase.

  •  First Phase
  • Providing minimum needs food, health,sanitation

  • Personal level in relation to building:

  • Personal development in term of finance

  • Personal contribution to what goes on in community

  • Personal contribution in the development of country

  • Community Leadership

  • Family’s development

  •  Second Phase

    • Self-confidence 

    • Skilled Development Project

    • Skills development opportunities

    • Self employment and self help groups

    • Empowerment of Women Through Employment

Many Young Girls and Women want to leave Sexual Industry but lack of finances they can not do it ,Why ? Most of Women of Sex industry are not educated and skilled so they have not any way of earning .BHM provide them training , Tailoring, Cutting or Packing skills , Formal education with Bible study program and during training supporting financial for their home expenditures ( Children Study , Food , Clothes , Electricity and gas bills) . After Six or Nine month training, they are able to work in any garments factory or any company to earn and to live respectable life. 

Many Young Girls married with Non Believers (Other religion) Boys and Aged Men for money but Non Believers (Other religion) Boys or Men leave them after a period just use them for sexual purposes , Their parents and Society do not accept them and many of them suicide , Other become widow in 18 to 40 years age period .We arrange Seminars for Christian girls and share with them these stories and their results , We give them awareness of Rights of women . 

we are empowering women this year we reach to as many as we can so dear brothers and sister i am inviting you to be partner with us or would you like to partner with us? Financial partners are sowing into the kingdom prosperity and you will reap directly from what the Lord is doing in this ministry. We see powerful transformation and restoration of lives that nothing but Gods power can achieve. This is a kingdom minded ministry with one purpose- to obey the direction of the Lord promptly, healing the sick. reaching to unreached making Jesus famous into every nation.